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    Reach high Potential customers with accuracy
    Use our customer analytics to reach right customer.
    This ensures high response from all advertising spend.
    A smarter way to increase sales, promote brand and grow your business .
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    Buy Ad Traffic Programmatically from major GEOs
    Bid for traffic from global sources with real time bidding(RTB) .
    Dochase offers huge programmatic inventory for ad networks
    to buy traffic from regions in Africa, US, UK and middle east.
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    Target Custormers on mobile and desktop .
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    Connect with customer on all devices
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Reach Your Target Markets

Advertise on Internet. Our data analytic technology identifies behaviors unique to your best customers and delivers your adverts to your most potential customers. Re-targeting helps you to grab the attention of consumers with intent-based ads.

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Programmatic AdExchange

Integrate with Dochase RTB Adexchange to reach customers in Africa, US, UK and other parts of the world. Our RTB adexchange gives ad networks access to global mobile and desktop users.

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Africa, Europe and US markets

As the largest supply side platform in Africa, Dochase guarrantes deep access to consumers in Africa.
Global reach with huge access to US and EU markets.

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    To global Advertisers

    Earn from global advertisers and demand side.
    We open you up to massive ad placements from major brands.
    You concentrate on your content and we bring the funds.
    A smarter way to increase revenue, from your web traffic.
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Huge Ad supply

With Dochase, you have access to huge supply of advertisements from leading brand in the world .

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RTB High Pay Rate

Using our RTB, many advertiser compete for your traffic and the higher bidder wins. This ensures you are pay highest for your web content

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Brand Safe Ads

Dochase uses ad verification technology to block unsafe ads, malware and deceptive adverts from herming your website. Your web is safe and earnings secured.

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Ethical Campaigns

Dochase uses ad verification technology to block unwanted adverts fom showing on publisher places. The web can be dangerous but we got you covered

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Direct Publisher Verification

We have high standards and thus deliver same to advertisers. We verify every traffic before we add them on the exchange thereby giving advertisers real human traffic accros all verticals.

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Machine Inteligence

We use advanced technolgy to deliver utmost ad technology for our clients. We are the go-to partner for quality traffic in Africa.

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New Campaign: Sign Up and activate your account. Create a campaign, set your bid rate, amout you want to spend, and target locations. Upload banners to you campaign (If you dont have banners we can create one for you). Go to "Ad fund" to fund your account and put the amount you want to pay. Make payments using paypal or bank transfer. Once Payment is confirmed, your adverts will be activated

Dochase: Dochase will use its wide reach to place your adverts on millions of websites for mobile and desktop. We will track clicks and performance to give you accurate report on your campaign.

For assistance: Please call +2348034410381 or send a mail to saint.onwukeme@dochase.com

Advertiser: Sign up as advertiser if you have a business or product or website you need to advertise on the internet to attract more customers. Target customer that visited your site previously

Publisher: Sign up as publisher if you have a website/blog and want Dochase ads to be placed there . Integrate with javascript codes.

Advertiser: Pay with bank transfer, deposit and online transfer. Campaigns automatically activated upon payment confirmation.

Publisher: Payments are made on eCPM upon meeting a payment treshold. Dochase has strict fraud prevention technology and occasionally blacklist defaulting publishers.

The only platform that reaches all of Nigeria and pays in Naira

In The News

Dochase Ads on adexchanger Programmatic Spending Comes To Africa

Dochase Ad, serves ads across emerging markets, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya, where smartphone and internet adoption are highest.Advertisers can monitor results in real time and adjust the campaign parameters, making his buys more flexible than in the past.

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Dochase Ads on techcabal Dochase Ads helps businesses to build online presence

Dochase provides a solution, for both businesses who need to drive sales, brand awareness and application usage, and governments who need to create public enlightenment. They do this using their “Programmatic Adexchange technology” that helps ad networks reach the right customers on both mobile and desktop, thereby driving online sales and app installations.

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Dochase Ads on Disrupt Africa Dochase Helps Businesses Spread Reach

Dochase has developed programmatic technology that helps advertisers reach the right customers by breaking down marketing reach to GEO locations, user demographics and behaviour. The platform allows global ad networks to reach a client’s target customers programmatically on its RTB platform.

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