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    Complete internet marketing solutions for Businesses and governments .
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    Supply side Ad Exchange
    For Global Ad networks

    Buy Ad Traffic Programmatically from major GEOs
    Bid for traffic from global sources with real time bidding(RTB) .
    Dochase offers huge programmatic inventory for ad networks
    to buy traffic from regions in Africa, US, UK and middle east.
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    Target sales on mobile and desktops users in Nigeria ,
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    Target your customers on both devices at the same time .
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Monetise the content of your website/blog with adverts from leading local and international brands. Start earning with our simple integration.

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Grow your business by advertising to millions of customers in Nigeria on internet. Reach customers on millions of websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other media. Pay per click, and impressions.

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RTB Ad Exchange

Integrate with Dochase RTB Ad exchange to reach huge customers in Africa, US, UK and other parts of the world. Our RTB adexchange gives ad networks access to mobile and desktop users at right price, location and time.

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Programmatic Ad Technology

Accurate, smart and effective ad serving. whether buying or selling ads, Dochase connects you to your right customers using accurate consumer data insights .

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Africa, Europe and US markets

As the largest supply side platform in Africa, Dochase guarrantes deep access to consumers in Africa.
Global reach with huge access to US and EU markets.

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Pay in Naira

We do not tell you dollar increased or government pay restrictions. Pay for your adverts in Naira and save foreign exchange and get same value. You make a lot diferrence

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The only platform that reaches all of Nigeria and pays in Naira

Advertiser: Sign up as advertiser if you have a business or product or website you need to advertise on the internet to attract more customers. Target customer that visited your site previously

Publisher: Sign up as publisher if you have a website/blog and want Dochase ads to be placed there . Integrate with javascript codes.

Advertiser: Pay with bank transfer, deposit and online. campaigns automatically activated.

Publisher: Payments are made on eCPM upon meeting a payment treshold. Dochase has strict fraud prevention technology and occasionally blacklist defaulting publishers.

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