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Publisher Guide

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Hello and Welcome to the Dochase 2.0 Publisher Walkthrough.

First and foremost, to register, you visit the link at www.pub.dochase.com
While you’re here, you can either register, login or retrieve password.

Sign up or login

When you have logged in, you are then taken to the publisher landing page. In Here you get to see your earnings, clicks as well as fill rate of your ad spaces (fill rate is a percentage of ads that are being sent to your ad space. 100% as below is excellent.)

Publisher home

Getting Started:
First and foremost you have to create a New site/ App (App for those who wish to include the tags in their mobile apps.)

Create new site

Next up, you can choose between a desktop website, mobile site (wap sites), or mobile app. For publishers that have more than one website or wish to include their mobile apps, you can create such here without multiple accounts.

choose site type

After that, you then create ad spaces. Ad spaces are peculiar to the websites that are created. E.g I’ve created a website Cashdown Nigeria. You can also include the categories. It’s best to leave uncategorized to get the widest range of advertisers.

Create places

You can get the ad codes under the “manage ad spaces” row and the button highlighted in green.

Dochase manage places

You can also gain analytics on your website and know how your ad spaces are doing under the reports tab, including monthly, daily and weekly analysis.

Dochase manage places

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